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Last Update: November 15, 2007


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This site is designed to show off our pictures, news, and whatever else is happening!

At A Glance

I hope all had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. I know we sure did. Keep looking out for all of our happenings in 2008! It is sure to be another eventful year.

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What is New with the Maranich's??

Change of Scenery

One of the downfalls of a free website is that you get what you pay for... So - as you have obviously figured out, the new JDHome site is here! Sorry to all who had trouble accessing / locating. It was a suprise to me as well. Welcome home.

    Tue January 8, 1:50 PM

DisMom is now Live!

The Disney World's Moms Panel website has now officially launched. Darcie has been busy answering questions from all over and being an internet fairy godmother to other families. Check out the site here www.disneyworldmoms.com. Also be sure to navigate to the Meet The Moms link so you can see Darcie's video and bio.

    Mon January 7, 7:49 AM

Double Digits

Kennedy has officially entered the Double Digits, celebrating her 10th birthday this month! We celebrated as a family on Sunday and she will have a sleep-over to celebrate with friends later this month.

    Mon January 7, 6:22 AM

...and Happy New Year

Happy New Years to all. I hope everyone is keeping up their resolutions and I health and happiness for everyone this year. 2008 is the Year of the Maranich's...so look out!

    Wed January 2, 10:26 AM

Merry Christmas to All!

We have decided to have a 'virtual' Christmas Letter this year for many reasons. We feel it will save paper, we could add some pictures to spice it up, and Darcie didn't want to stress out about keeping it to only 1 page! So enjoy our first edition of the Maranich's On-Line Christmas Letter! Oh - and please ignore the words that are highlighted and underlined - an unfortunate result of having a free website...

    Mon December 17, 8:38 AM

A "Working" Trip...

Darcie has returned from her DisMom Training at Disney World. It can hardly be called a working trip, though, as she was spoiled with VIP treatment while there! Be sure to go to the DisMom Website (due to be launched in Jan 08) to see what it is all about! www.disneyworldmoms.com

    Fri December 14, 6:07 AM


So...Darcie was selected (out of 10,000 applicants) to be part of Disney World's Moms Panel! It really is her dream come true - and I can't imagine anyone being more deserving! Congratulations!

    Thu November 15, 9:15 AM

Happy Halloween...

Fall is our favorite family season. The chill in the air, the fall foods, and, of course, the kids getting dressed up for Halloween. They were absolutely adorable this year - all in Wizard of Oz themed costumes. Jayce was a lion, Cassidy a scarecrow, Kennedy was Dorothy, and Torri was a witch.

    Mon November 5, 8:38 AM

Disney World

Our Disney World trip has sadly come to an end, though we had a blast! We are already looking forward to our next trip. In the meantime, you can enjoy some pictures of our Sept '07 DW Vacation.

    Tue October 2, 6:42 AM

Torri is 13!

It is official, Torri is now a teenager! Pictures of her on her Birthday are up on Picasa - follow the link to view them.

    Tue September 11, 11:18 AM

Birthday Party and BBQ

We celebrated Jayce's 1st Birthday with a BBQ this past weekend. We had a blast and, hopefully, our guests did too! Thanks to everyone who joined us. We have updated our Google pics with some new shots of him enjoying his cupcake!

    Mon August 20, 10:42 AM

Jayce's First Birthday

Pictures of Jayce on his official First Birthday are now up on Picasa. Check out this larger than life little man on his special day! Be sure to stay tuned for pictures from his upcoming party!

    Thu August 16, 2:16 PM

Turkey in July!

Darcie has recently completed her first novel - Turkey in July. Copies are being passed around friends and family now.

    Thu August 16, 1:08 PM

JD Home Redesign

We are in the process of redesigning the JD Home webpage! As we haven't updated the site in quite a while, we decided to revamp it as we updated it. Keep checking in to see new content.

    Thu August 16, 8:30 AM

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